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Hey guys!

Been a long time and BOY, have things changed.
After a rather abysmal attempt at making it large in Porn several years ago, I decide to give adult work a break.
Suffice to say it didn’t last as 2013 rocked around an I finally got the break I was looking for. A number of underwear shoots brought me to the attention of a couple of new studios and finally, after some hard choices on diet and exercise, I finally started shooting porn in North America.

Sorry! Didn’t keep the Mohawk but yes! I got more tattoos and a beard. Oh and abs too! 

So fun things are on the horizon. I’ve shot over 50 scenes this year alone. Studios such as TIM, Hairy & Raw, Skyn Men, GuyBone  and DeviantMan have all picked me up for work and the work is great!
But what’s even cooler is I’m also working on my own studio with my boyfriend we both affectionately call “The Huntsmen” (and Huntsmen Media). Our site is due for launch later this fall and I ho early can’t wait to show you what we have in store- I’m sure it’ll knock your socks off’

So long story short; WATCH THIS SPACE!
If you’re chasing more exciting content with yours truly NOW, (cause you can’t wait for the good stuff), feel free to hop over to my twitter feed; @ZackAclandXXX OR check out the latest scene releases on DeviantMan.com

I promise more exciting posts more often heheh! 
Catch you all on the flip side! 


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Hey Punters!

Been a while huh? Thats because I’ve been busy hustlin’ my ass off to get ready for this years IML.

Speaking of Hustlin’…

A few weeks back a good friend of mine Liandra Dahl invited my mate Troy and I over for a shoot. It was new ground for her as we were her first Guy-on-Guy shoot. A really positive experience for all in the end.

Here are a couple of shots from the scene!


Image courtesy of LiandraDahl.com

I do love me a good snog to get things going! There’s nothing hotter than a hot guy sending his tongue on an exploration mission to planet tonsils! I could suck on those lips for hours. A great kisser is always gauranteed to get me hot and bothered, so it wasn’t long before Troy had me on my back tearing at my bulging tight jeans.


Courtesy of LiandraDahl.com

Once free, he was quick into action putting those beautiful, soft lips on my hard-on! He worked it expertly running his tongue down my shaft and nuzzling my man-pouch with warm and wet spit. It was all I could do not to blow a load in his face right then and there.


Courtesy of LiandraDahl.com

After getting my dick wet I was ready to make that man regret it. I teased his hole with the tip of my rod for a few moments until he was practically begging me to slam it in. In one fluid motion I drove it in to the hilt. Troy bucked and moaned loudly as I proceeded to slam his hole hard!


Couresty of LiandraDahl.com

After a good bout of hard butt-fucking, I had to catch my breathe. Troy rolled into my arms and proceeded to milk his member, I followed suit and before long we were emptying our loads all over the place. Troy sprayed massive drops of cum all up his & my chest, which pushed me over the edge, I spurted hard hitting my neck! It was the hardest I’d blown in ages, but with all the years of tension between Troy and I, it was destined to end in a hard & sweaty way!

Well I hope you enjoyed the preview, you can see the full video at www.LiandraDahl.com. Now I’m off to finish packing for my next great adventure to IML 2012! See ya’ll in Chicago!



The Short Version

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Hey Punters,

Long time no posts hey? I’m gonna skip the apology this time, I really have no excuse.

I’ve been stuck with this creative block for a few months now. Driving me batty really!


I get to thinking about the places I’d been but now its been so long that I’m finding it hard to elaborate on the experiences… So I figure how about the “short version”, as opposed to the “no version”. What do you say?


New York.

Wow. The second I stepped foot in this city I was in awe of how massive this place was. I’ll bet you can fit Melbourne’s entire Central Business District into New York’s Downtown area between Soho and East Village at least twice!

Memorable moments:

  • Going to NYC Eagle Bar on their leather code night and blowing a guy on the very dimly lit dance floor.
  • Queueing for over an hour to go up to the top of the Empire State Building only to spend a grand total of 5 minutes out side cause “OMG I HATE HEIGHTS” wussy much?
  • Picking up the Pizza boy from Boxers Bar, I mean this guy was STUNNING!!! If any talent scouts read this, totally go and check him out, not only is he smooth, muscular and sexy, HE’S A TALENTED BOTTOM! While I was there I took a photo of The Bingham Cup, I’d post it but in my travels I managed to lose that particular camera. FAIL. Hopefully next year it’ll be back on home soil anyway! 😛
  • I went to a bar called Splash… I heard that it was a reputable bar with Gogo dancers. I was slightly disappointed when all but one of the dancers were merely standing there looking pretty. The one guy doing all the actual dancing got my $50 (he was very good after all), so neeeeeeer to the rest who missed out. 😛 Somedays I wish Aussies had dollar bills too, our smallest note is a $5, and a lot of Aussies wont tip because its VALUABLE DRINKING MONEY.

Finally, I just want to say if you’ve never done this, you totally should. And thats riding a bicycle around Central Park. Nothing more refreshing than that on a sunday morning after a really big night out on the town.



Ok, for such a beautiful city of leaning buildings, the one thing that really put me off is the weed. I dont have anything against smokers, but in some parts of The Dam, weed smoke is “ALL” you can smell.

That being said, it is still a beautiful city. And one of my favourite features were more Dark Rooms than you could poke your Tool at.

Memorable moments:

  • Roman the Polish Military Soldier; this fella stalked me through 3 bars and finally got me at Argos, the gay leather bar… (are you picking up a theme here?)
  • Staying at The Golden Bear Hotel, a gay owned and run hotel on Kerkstraat. My room looked directly opposite another, and the fella in the other room definitely enjoyed putting on a show! Got me all hot n bothered more than once.
  • Walking shirtless along the beach at The Hague. Methinks I would definitely do that again, nothing like cocktails on the beach and some sweaty fuck-fun-in-the-sun. WOOF

I enjoyed a day visiting family as well out in a town called Zwolle, if you ever get the privilegde of travelling out and around Europe, sometimes stepping off the tourist track can be well worth the stop over.



I swear, I was in town less than an hour before I was ripped off my face in a bar. I have many friends in Berlin, so rather than taking me to the tourist trap bars, they took me to the local sesspools instead… I learned more of the German Language in my first night in Berlin than I had ever spoken previously in my life. It helps to have good teachers… never mind if they’re a very bad influence!

Memorable moments:

  • Landing at 8pm, dropping bags at hotel at 8.30pm, walking into nightclub at 9pm, walking out of random-bar-i-dont-remember-the-name-of at 8am… and that was my first night in Berlin.
  • Like Amsterdam, Berlin has bars with Dark Rooms! And I have to say, YOU GOTTA TAKE THE INITIATIVE cause a lot of guys where non-plussed about NO CONDOMS. But my god… There’s a bar called Bull, this bar doesn’t take off until 4am… and the crowd, well… lets just say no matter who you are, you’ll leave that bar with a smile on your face. I lost count, but I wasn’t in any state to count anyway… I ran out condoms though… which is probably why my night ended, in that bar anyway.
  • Sunbathing in The Teirgarten; The massive park in the centre of Berlin, also a notorious beat, was a very nice place to get lost in. Unbeknownst to me, Berliners are very free about sunbathing… naked. There are spots in this park where you stand out cause your the one wearing clothes. I worked on my tan, it was awesome.
  • Waking up on my final morning in the city, and realizing I had NO CLUE where I was… the next 2 hours were spent looking for a Cab, and then trying very hard to direct him to my hotel.

I can’t WAIT to go back there… This time with an entourage. I sorta feel sorry for the locals, really. I travelled from Berlin to Prague by train. And here’s some wayward advice for anyone who’s going to do the same.

I was booked into a 1st class cabin. The train I got onto was short this particular train car. After a very heated conversation with the train conductor and the station attendant in which the language “DINGLISH” was born, (Thats a German-English mash-up), It was decided that a) I had no seat on the train, b) there wasn’t enough time to go to the ticket office for a refund & c) jumping up and down on barking at someone in a foriegn language gets you absolutely no where.

Suffice to say, the dinning car was spacious enough to pack myself into a corner and drink vodka for the next 4hrs solid.


This city IS beautiful. And filled to the absolute brink with TOURIST! I’m ashamed to say I faked it more than once pretending I didn’t speak English. But they really were quite stupid these tourists.

Memorable moments:

  • Naked Party at Labyrinth, what a night! More dick than you can poke a stick at.
  • Petr the Czech Muscle Cub, cause having fur is a rare comodity in Prague. And he was into me for exactly the same reason. Sweet sweaty Cub sex…. 
  • Being told by a Hooker that I wasn’t allowed to pick up in their bar… (dont see why not, Its not like “I” was gonna get paid for it, and I most certainly wasnt going to PAY FOR IT.)

I’d love to go on about Prague, but to be honest, by that stage of my trip I was so beat that I spent a lot of time lazing in the sun up at the Metronome Monument over looking the city.


CIAO for now ppl,






Hey Punters!

So here’s a lil more of what happened in Chicago!

Its sad to say that I didn’t really get a chance to leave the hotel. With thousands of leathermen running around in next to nothing, spontaneously combusting into sexual fantasy and eroticism, all within the confines of one safe haven, (which could double as a city in itself), I hardly had reason to. But leave the hotel I did. And if I didn’t, I’d never have had this lil story happen!

So fresh from my anxiety  of having a major confidence fail in introducing myself to MANY Porn Idols in the Leather Market. Lou and I decided to try out a place recommended to us by a couple of local mates. The Corner Bakery. So this place is awesome! (to us Aussies anyway). Sandwich and soup for under $10… FUCK YEAH! Anyways, I’ve got a mouth full of Bagel and Lou’s heavy into his soup when we overhear the guys at the next table chatting about a lack of “scouting” opportunities. Naturally, my wolf-ears went straight for the ceiling.

So this punkie lookin’ dude is talking Porn. And before long they notice we’re listening. So I break the awkward silence by ask about foreign models working locally and he asked me if I was interested. To which I replied with a very speedy and enthusiastic “Hell YES!” And here’s the amusing part! When we went to exchange details, neither of us had a pen or paper handy. So the guy writes his email contact down… on a Kids Menu… In blue Crayon.

If I ever make it in Porn and Earn my XXX wings, I’m TOTALLY getting this framed:

Dear Randy Blue,

If this is legit, could you please tell “Don” I’m trying to get a hold of him.


Zack Acland

Hey Punters!

So here I am, apologising again for another slack and long overdue blog post! I do recall saying I was going to do daily video diaries and blow-by-blow posts during my tour round the world. In the end, not having a moment to scratch myself between day tours and late nights at random clubs, all I managed to scrape together was a bunch of tweets and a stack of interesting photos. Now that I’m back in the Merry Ol’ Land of Oz, (More importantly, infront of my own god damn computer), the time has come to fill ya’ll in on what I was up to…

So Lou and I landed in Chicago during the mid-afternoon of May 26th, the Thursday before IML. Our car picked us up at the airport n drove us, very very very slowly (The traffic was murder),  into the city. And what a very nice city Chicago is! If not a bit on the WINDY SIDE! I have to say, The Hyatt Regency is a BANG CRASH BEAUT-I-FULL hotel!

The View wasn’t bad either!

Walking along S Michigan Ave
The View from the 32 floor

Further along S Michigan

So once we were all settled in it was down to the lobby bar, this is where we’d all be spending an awful lot of time! No matter what time of day over the whole weekend, this bar was the one to be at. But then, a couple of thousand gay leather enthusiasts in one hotel was almost guaranteeing a good time. And of course, the restrooms on this floor also happened to have very shiney tiles on the floor… almost like a mirror… so that too was a very popular destination!!!

The next morning we registered with the crew down stairs, grabbed member packs with our complimentary IML tees and dashed down to the Leather Market to lighten our wallets some. We’d been warned about the market by mates back home. The consensus was to “Pace ones self”. Oops. I was there 5 minutes before I bought myself a set of Gauntlets with spikes. These babies had to get home via COURIER LOL. No way I was carting these kick ass accessories through 4 more countries lol.

Wolverine Eat Yo' Momma's Heart OUT

Other purchases include, Nasty Pig Sleeveless Hoodie & Shredder Tee, Priape Jock Strap and a Camo 3 point harness, 2 Colt Tanks (black & white) 3 plain cotton Jocks and (my personal fav) a TIMOTEO JOCK… PHEW! (if you ask real nice, I might post you a full photo inventory :P) My biggest personal envy sale goes to Lou who bought the SICKEST pair of blue chaps from Priape. JEALOUS!

The happiest moment for Chicago had to be standing out front of the hotel at 3am, in naught but a pair of shorts. I had taken the bus home from the Closing Dance-party and gotten into some rather heavy petting with the young Mr Toronto Leather. My GOD that man is SEX! During the “fornication” on the bus, my legs had at some point become elevated. It might have had something to do with my desire to have him run me through with that 10″ bazooka he has tucked between his legs… but thats beside the point! Anyway, unbeknownst to me, my wallet slipped out of my pocket. FAIL. We arrived back at the Hyatt, I went to my room, began to strip down and “BINGO”. I grabbed my Key and ran back down out the front as fast as I could… as I said, in naught but a pair of shorts. After some descussion with the very helpful Volunteer, I worked out I have to wait outside for the next bus to come back so I can search it.

I must have looked like white trash. I had dirt on my feet from pacing back and forth not wearing any shoes. People were staring at me… and not in that “Dude I want to rape you” kind of way, but in that “Dude, get a job” kind of way. So the bus comes back after some time, and a whole bunch of sexy men and porn stars get off. I’m telling you, I died right there and then. After the troop had disembarked, the volunteer and I jumped on bored and I went straight down the back to where Toronto and I were amusing ourselves, and “TADA” there it was wedged between the seat and the wall.

Major close call. I headed back to my room, but not before passing Dave from Nasty Pig (The sexy devil who sold me some awesome gear), Samuel Colt and (I’m fairly certain), Chris Porter (Two of the BIGGEST names in Gay Porn)… talk about a walk of shame. They were having an animated discussion so I’m hoping no one noticed… (Wishful thinking never hurt anybody)

I’ll upload a lil tale about what happened after another time. For now, GOOD NIGHT!

Beat Etiquette

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Hey Punters,

So, reciently I was propersitioned in the showers at my local gym. (not an uncommon thing at “this” particular gym). The guy was very good looking, well endowed and ticked all the appropriate boxes to what I would consider Hot. I, however, was not in the mood to play. Having just drilled myself  with a Super Seven Shoulder Set Smash closely followed with Double Bicept/Tricept pump, all I could think about is showering and going home.

So a lot happens in the steam room at my gym, but its the showers that its reknown for. The walls of the shower stalls are frosted but see-through and have salloon doors that don’t lock. This fella followed me from the steam room to a shower opposite the one I was using. After a few minutes I could plainly see he was arroused, but I wasn’t giving anything away. Here’s the part that caught me by suprise. Near the end of my shower, while I had my back to him, he walked straight into my stall!

I almost died on the spot. Here I am in the busiest gym in Melbourne with a 6ft adonis flogging his 8inch man-toy while standing in my very see-through shower. Whats worse is how I handled it. I didnt say anything, I just grabbed my towel and membership card and calmly walked into the next stall!! I’m still beating myself up for that decision! I think he took the hint, he skulked back into his stall just before a group of guys entered the shower room.

I caught him watching me as I dressed later in changeroom. I’m sure he would’ve been fun, but I really like having my gym membership, in tact thanks.

So what would you have done? Sure I’ve had the odd toss in the shower room, but only in the quiet periods when the gym was almost empty. I dont want to encourage a bad image of gay guys in sport. And getting busted by an innocent straight guy while sucking someone off in the gym showers doesn’t exactly help.  The thing that gets me though is that I gave no indication of interest to this fella, he just walked straight in. Pretty damn stupid if you ask me. I could’ve smacked him upside the head. I wish there was a code for “I’m not interested thanks”. I mean, other than actually having to say it out loud.

Anyway, enough of my soap box ranting.

Are we there yet?

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Hey Punters!

Well now haven’t I been SLACK! No not really, just been working my ass off.  I’ve finally got some free time to write a post. Naturally it’s 2.21am here and I’m pulling another graveyard shift at work. Nothing exciting ever tends to happen here between the hours of 1 n 5!

So not much news in the life of Acland. I’ve got my hands on my round-the-world ticket, now its a simple matter of waiting out the clock. 84days, 4hrs, 40mins to be exact! Not that I’m counting. The beautiful thing about that is I can now confirm dates for each city I’m visiting and for how long I’ll be at each in turn. SO GET YOUR CALENDER N SEXY RED PENS READY!

Chicago: 26th – 31st May

I’m off to my very first IMrL! I’ll be staying at the host hotel with my faithful entourage along with some of the Melbourne Leather Communities’ finest  personalities. Be sure to keep an eye out for us!

New York: 31st May – 7th June

This is going to be wild! Young Capt Lou will have just turned DIRTY 30! So to kick of whats going to be the start of the best decade OF HIS LIFE, I’ve decided to drag him round the Big Apple for 7 days of booze n shmooze! “happy birthday to you… happy birthday too yooooou!”

Amsterdam: 8th – 17 June

This part of the trip is purely out of indulgence! I’ll be guided around town by my mate Sean while his partner settles some family affairs in the northern country. So its going to be 9 full days running around the red-light district! Enough said.

Berlin: 17th June – 1st July

I’ve dreamed of this day my whole adult life. I happen to be part Eastern European (Thanks MOM!), which is  how this Ginger boy has a tan (thanks dad!). I studied German in High school and have been fascinated with the country, culture, sexual culture, community and language for many years… That being said, I only know enough German to ask “where is the toilet?” or say “I would like 2 Beers thanks”. I also know how to say “Lets go back to your place and fuck” but that would be showing off. All in all, a very limited vocabulary! Should make things rather entertaining really. We’ll be in town for Berlin’s Pride Festival. I promise there will be mayhem.

Prague: 28th June – 8th July

Two words. Can you guess? Czech boys! We’ll be traveling by Euro Rail from Berlin, should be a highly scenic trip through the  countryside. Though I’ve been warned to hold on to my wallet and keep it safe at all times! I’m sure I can look past that for some of the most stunning architecture and scenery in Europe. Here’s hoping my camera doesn’t give out!

Keep an eye out for my VIDEO DIARY with daily updates and the latest info on my whereabouts and the local mischief I’m wreaking! I keep one every time I leave the country.

Make Me a Pole Mole